Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I post some of your pictures or videos on my site?
Only with my expressed email permission. If you steal pictures or videos from this site without my permission, you will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
2. How could I become one of your models?
If you would like to become a model, please use the contact us page.
3. How do I cancel my recurring account?
Cancel via the contact us page. You must cancel at least 72hrs before the scheduled charge.
4. How do I get a custom request?
As a member, you can have your own personal request fulfilled by one of the Stuffer31 Ladies. The link for custom requests will appear to paid members upon login. Model's have 30 business days to complete approved requests.
5. How do you play the video clips and videos?
All your video purchases are stored in your personal library to stream.
6. How will this charge show up on my credit card statement?
The charge shows up as STUFFER31877####### It's actually an ambiguous name, unless the person looking at it is a member of this site, do you think they know what it is? Just say it's from a payment for an online auction.
7. I don't have a credit card, how can I get access? I am from outside the US, can I join? Can I use Paypal?
You can get a rechargeable charge card at These cards may be used to join the sites and you can simply let them expire if you are afraid of overcharges anywhere online. Most foreign credit cards will work as long as they have Visa, Amex, etc logos. We will also accept foreign currency, cash, money orders and gift cards to national chain stores and restaurants. If you do send cash, be aware that there is no guarantee of arrival. You may find the mail in form on the join page. Paypal doesn't allow transactions for adult websites. If you disagree with that policy, take it up with them.
8. What exactly do I get for the $60 monthly membership?
In addition to daily updates with unlimited full size pictures and short videos, all members get $60 credit to purchase full length videos each month, one free custom request per month and private messaging with models