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Women age 18-35 who don't mind showing off their round belly. No nudity required. Work from home with your own camera.

We are looking for women aged 18-35 gaining the "Freshmen 15," big beautiful women, girls with beer bellies, skinny girls with a round stuffed belly and ladies who are pregnant. There's a whole world of admirers waiting for you and you maintain all of your privacy. Our staff handles customer service, billing, advertising and all technical aspects. You use our automatic system for loading your own photos, blogs and videos instantly to the site or hosting a video chat for fast earning potential.

Models use their digital camera/phone to submit photos and video clips to our site. Photos must be high quality and videos HD. We also purchase existing content. You tell us how much you want to make and set your own update schedule.

Account Detail

Please use a real email - it will need to be validated.
Photos :
Please provide two pictures of yourself and one picture of your ID (Passport or Driving License). At least one photo should show your face, body and belly and you should be holding a piece of paper with "" written on it. 5MB maximum file size. Please upload only jpg (jpeg) files.
These photos are for admin consideration only. They will not be posted to the site. This is just an application, not a contract, so if you want to send it in before you decide for certain, go ahead.

If you are under 18, do not submit anything until you are of age.

Age Verification & Model Release

Stuffer31 Limited

I warrant that the identification ("I.D.") I have provided to Stuffer31 is valid and accurately reflects and represents the fact that I am at least 18 years of age or older, or the age of majority in the jurisdiction ("jurisdiction") in which I reside or do business.

I agree to indemnify and hold harmless Stuffer31, its officers, employees, agents and affiliates, against any related (direct or indirect) administrative or legal proceedings or actions (and civil or criminal fines or damages, if any) that my arise out of the intentional or unintentional falsification, misuse or otherwise, of the Age Verification & Model Release Form ("Form") and I.D.
Stuffer31 agrees that any decisions concerning the type of content in the Model's performances is at the sole discretion of the Model.

I agree not to violate any local community standard of "obscenity" in the jurisdiction, and agree that my performances will not violate any other applicable laws or regulations.
I agree to give Stuffer31 a perpetual license to use any content that I produce and submit to Stuffer31 and its computer systems in the marketing, advertising, promotions or sales of any products or services of Stuffer31, affiliates or agents on the Internet.

I warrant that I have carefully read and understand that this Form (and attached I.D.) is a legal document and may affect my legal rights, and sign the Form and the submit the I.D. to Stuffer31 knowingly and voluntarily, without inducement and for valid consideration.

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Due to high volume of applications, not all models will be accepted.

Potential Model F.A.Q

Once we have reviewed and approved your application, this is a guarantee that you will have fans and make money.  We work with every accepted model to be sure she is able to make exactly what she wants for her content while entertaining all the fans of this fetish.  This is not like producing content for other platforms in hopes that you will make enough sales for the month.  We pay a premium for what you shoot so that there is no uncertainty in your earnings or popularity.  

Each model can set her own update schedule.  We will work with you to develop a plan for success that keeps your time free, but fans happily coming back for more.  The average model shoots about three times a week.  A good update would have about 8-12 high quality images and a video about 5 minutes long.  

Models are paid every two weeks via Paypal or direct deposit.  We work with each model individually to create an ideal budget of earnings based off her talents, popularity, photo/video quality and frequency of updates.  You set your own earning potential.  After acceptance of your application, we will be able to give you an exact figure.   For tax purposes, you are not classified as an employee of, so we do not turn in anything you sell us.  We do recommend you keep up with your earnings and files taxes accordingly.   Fans may contact you through private message, send tips, or custom requests.  They may also chat with you via your live stream.   You keep 100% of your earnings from these interactions.  Models are not required to complete any custom request or respond to any message she feels uncomfortable with.  

We ask that any new content you produce for be exclusive.  But if you have some older content that you may have already uploaded elsewhere, we would be happy to make you an offer to host it here as well.   If you have been out of the scene for awhile or have decided to take a break, but have a lot of content sitting around, we can give you a generous amount for it.  If you are currently updating on other platforms, it is best to keep those separate and not promote them here.  Finally, if you ever decide to stop selling content here, unlike other websites, we do have a takedown procedure that you could utilize.  

We have tutorials for accepted models to follow and you can check out other popular models on the site.  As a model, it is definitely necessary to show your face.  You may use wigs or makeup to alter your appearance.  Creating an alter ego is great way to overcome shyness.   Members are not allowed to ask for any private details from models nor to communicate off site.  Any documents required by admin are kept strictly confidential.   Stuffer31 is a non nude site, meaning we do not feature full frontal nudity.  Topless is allowed but not required.  

No.   Definitely not.  The origins of this site and the fetish are seeing a thin girl gain weight for the first time or seeing her belly get round after a big meal.  There are many connected fetishes that we now also feature such as BBW and pregnant, but this is not the headliner.  If you are a slender/athletic girl thinking of gaining or enjoy bloating/stuffing, you've come to the right place.  We want to show your journey from the first bite!