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A belly full of boost makes for some amazing burps. Prior to this video I drank boosts and held in all my burps. My lips still had some boost residue in the corners lol! My tummy was a bit upset from holding in every single burp so I let all the burps out for you in hopes to seek some relief. My burps are very deep and long I had to be careful because I didn't want to get sick my tummy was not feeling too great after being stuffed full of food and boost! I'm wearing a sweatshirt and it absolutely blows my mind that I look like such a fatass even in clothes that aren't skimpy. I end the video playing with my gut up close and you can see me bounce it around and jiggle it it was so stuffed and looked like a basketball was being dribbled inside of me. If you like burps this is the video for you.

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