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I absolutely love sushi. The only problem I seem to have is I never get full from it! I can eat roll after roll after roll and before I know it i've run up a hefty tab and I feel like I've only had a snack. I decided to find a solution to this problem and omg i'm so fucking happy. I found a recipe to a "sushi bake" basically you fill a tin with rice (so basically a fuck ton of carbs) and add your favorite sushi filling on top. I mixed crab together with kewpie mayo. Kewpie mayo is significantly more fattening than regular mayo so overall it was an extremely fattening meal. After its done baking you use nori sheets to scoop it up and devour. This whole stuffing had to have been equivalent to 15+ regular sushi rolls. I used iced tea mixed with jack daniels honey to wash it all down. Per request I held in every single burp until the end. That resulting in a bunch of really sexy low pitched long burps. I also got the hiccups from this stuffing. Watch me eat this start to finish towards the end i was so so sooooo full the food coma was unreal.

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