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Here you see a few clips of me trying to squeeze into some pants that I've outgrown! Both pairs of these pants fit me a week ago! I'm stuffing myself so constantly and so full but I just can't keep up with how fat I'm getting it's happening so fast it's unbelievable. But the proof is right here in these photos and it's incredible both waistbands will barely go around to meet in the middle. I guess flowy dresses and stretchy pants only until I can figure out what size I'll eventually end up at although I'm sure even then it won't last long LOL. I hope you enjoy the video clips very much these are clips that I sent privately to my feeder so they're very intimate and special to me I hope you enjoy them! Please feel free to drop a message or send a custom request my way. I appreciate you checking out my video come back for more I'm getting fatter every day LOL and that's no joke

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