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Summer is coming which means its time to take out my bathing suits! I've outgrown them all. This bathing suit used to fit like a tank top and cover my whole belly. In the video you can see me struggle really hard to pull it over my belly but it kept rising up. I talk about how much of a sweaty fat fuck I am now. I felt so out of shape even walking onto the beach struggling to catch my breath. I was sweating so much so I had to make up for the calories I was burning by doing a beach stuffing. I ate handful after handful of Doritos and chugged sweet tea. This was fun to film because I kept comparing skinny Nadya on the beach to fat Nadya and how much of a different experience being on the beach fat is than how it was when I was skinny. I'm still a little shy in public so you do see me get flustered when I make eye contact with people walking on the beach. But I love wearing bikinis so even at my weight I will still continue to wear them on the beach. I'm sure you wouldn't mind if you saw, right?

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