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This is my first force feed video ever I'm really excited to see what you guys think! I had a friend in the community force feed me while we filmed it. I ate an entire pack of hot dogs in less than five minutes. Hes a pretty fast feeder and I'm a fast eater so there isn't a dull moment in the video. I kept my hands behind my back for the entire feeding besides when I needed to chug smirnoff ice to help get everything down. I ate/drank everything and didn't even feel full. Definitely would have loved to have some dessert fed to me after this. I'm pretty shy with filming things like this so this is probably the only feeding video I'll film. Force feeding videos are just really fucking hot so I had to make my contribution lol. In the video I rub my belly a lot too. Again, this is just a friend I enjoy the community and doing fun things like this! I love being at a feeders mercy being forced to eat bite after bite until I finish everything in front of me. Truly such a rush. I really love how this video came out no breaks no edits just one hot dog after the next as fast as the feeder wanted me to eat.

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