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I've made it my goal to consume at least 6500 calories a day most days I beat That by at least 2000 calories. this set contains photos from the last couple of days stuffing my face Round the Clock. A few sweet feeders sponsored several of these huge meals. I couldn't be more grateful for their generosity. I've been eating like this for a week straight and I can't stop now I'm totally hooked! Goodbye reason, goodbye knees LOL hello 300 here I come. I feel so helpless my appetite is totally out of control I see myself growing rounder each day I just can't stop shoving it in oh God will I explode? You can see the pain in my eyes throughout the video. I was stuffed so full and I'm so much pain I had to go to sleep on all fours so my belly could stretch out underneath me. I am such a greedy greedy Pig

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