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I go a super fun request for a set wearing heels and drinking alcohol! I got to choose my favorite drink lately I've been really digging these clubtail drinks they're really strong and they kick in really quickly. By the time I fill my video one of my friends and I had already gone to eat at a Mexican place we have tacos and queso and margaritas as well. After we finish dinner we went to the quick stop and I bought two clubtail drinks. This may seem like a small amount to most people but I very rarely drink so I was feeling pretty silly by the time I got to filming. Watch me stumble around spill my drink on myself and the floor jiggle my fat ass and big soft belly for you. I was feeling very drunk by the time I finished filming this video I woke up with a hangover the next day that hasn't happened since I was very young haha I had so much fun making this request I hope to see lots more requests from y'all keep them coming thanks again I hope you all enjoy this video as much as I enjoy creating it

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