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Wow this is an intense drunk video. I got a request to get drunker than I've ever been on camera and I just went even more crazy and got drunker than I've ever been in general. I blame it on quarantine boredom. I've been building up my tolerance all week drinking Tennessee honey whiskey but decided to switch to Ciroc which was a big mistake. I love beer, rum, tequila, whiskey, gin, wine, etc but vodka reminds me of my younger crazier years which is probably why I went all out with the drinking and got so belligerently drunk. I could barley stand let alone walk in a straight line. This is my most embarrassing video to date I promised myself I'll never watch it again lol. I wore an outgrown bra and panties that go over my belly as per request. The video ends with me trying to drunk crawl too and I can't even do that. So silly to watch a drunk pig act like such a sloppy mess. I make a complete idiot out of myself. Safe to say I will not be doing any alcohol related videos for a bit I need time to live this one down. I took a nap after this and still woke up hammered lol. Took two days and a lot of greasy food to recover from this one.

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