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Summer is coming and I'm ready to get out all my bikinis. I have not worn any of my bathing suits in a year so reality is really hitting over how much weight I've put on. For starters, the bottoms were completely outgrown I could not even wear them. The bikini top barely fits over my tits and my nipples kept popping out the whole time. Last time I did this I was a little more relaxed since I wasn't as big but now I'm obese and I kinda felt a little shy!! The pool is a common shared area and a bunch of people were outside enjoying the weather. I made such a skeptical out of myself being outside on such display. I rub shimmer oil all over my body while trying not to make eye contact with numerous people walking by. But hey I do love humiliation. This is my biggest "public display" of gluttony ever. Maybe next time I'll film at a less busy time because my goodness there were way more people outside than I anticipated I did feel a little timid. But hey what else is a sweaty pig going to wear? The summers get harder the fatter I am so I love wearing as little clothes as possible. Hope nobody minds ;)

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