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A fun fact about me is I used to roller skate/ice skate a lot! I would treat cheer, gymnastics and dance like a sport and do roller skating and ice skating for fun. I loved to stay active so this was a good way to hangout with friends while also staying in shape. Well I busted out the skates and also busted my ass (lol) I remember it being so easy but now that I have a massive belly/all this extra weight it was nearly impossible! I try to roller skate around on video and you just see all the fat on my body jiggling as I try to stay up. The exercise request also asked me to get drunk prior. Now I didn't want to get drunk and go on skates but I did drink two beers before getting on the skates which totally didn't help in my favor. I also attempt to do some squats, stretches, etc while on skates. Bull in a china shop. Its unreal to think I used to skate around with no problem, flat tummy and all now my obese self struggles to even skate a small distance. By the end of the video I'm completely out of breath. Safe to say I'm getting more and more out of shape by the day.

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