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I've been inside for weeks and it's really showing. All I do is lay around and eat now. Even more than usual tho. Lol. I've been making most of my meals at home and it's made me blow up. I can eat massive portions, its generally the same price and I can keep making the same fattening meals over and over. I'm bloated all the time now just constantly ready for my next meal. I've also been eating lots of chocolate/candy bars as a snack. I talk a lot about how my routine had changed and how i'm so much more lazier now. I do all this while rubbing lotion onto my big belly. Its a nice update on where I am with my gaining, how its going, what my future plans are, etc just to keep you up to speed. This "skirt" is from about six months ago I bought an xxl expecting to grow into it one day but as you can see its already tight! Thank you for tuning in very appreciated :) I love the encouragement when it comes to gaining it can get tricky to do alone so I thank you guys so much for always reminding me of what a fucking whale I'm becoming and it makes me want to go faster and faster!! Its so exciting to film knowing I'm fatter each time you see me.

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