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I was going through my old clothes and I found this. I used to wear it as an oversized robe but now it doesn't even fit. Its so tight around my arms and is nowhere near being able to close in the front. While I was already struggling with that I thought it be an interesting idea to start playing with the belt. I got so wrapped up in this because it was really hot. I'd suck my belly as much as I could, tighten the belt then release. I've never done anything like that before and I loved the intense pressure. I do this all over different spots in my belly seeing how tight I can get it then watching it quickly release when I let my belly go back to normal. It really made me feel fat. Little things like this are so fun to experiment with I love finding new ways to feel like a big fat fuck. Even sucking my tummy in is super difficult to do. So much fat with nowhere to go! I also rub my tummy to soothe it afterwards. Little ideas like this make me that much more excited to keep going and see what I can do next.

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