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Up until recently my belly was always super taut and hard. My skin couldn't keep up fast enough which left my tummy firm all the time. Now that its finally been able to catch up my tummy is so soft and jiggly. Well actually my whole entire body is. And I love it! I finally feel fat and not pregnant. Such a doughy belly I always find myself playing with now. Nothings better than jiggling my full tummy around and seeing the waves of ripples disburse throughout my body. In this video I jiggly my arms, belly, calves, thighs, ass, etc so you can see what a big girl I've become. I feel so cuddly and cute now I love gaining weigh and having my tummy get bigger/softer! This is a good milestone to document it really shows where my body is currently at in terms of my gaining. I love piling on weight and seeing what changes my body undergoes. I really look forward to see where the weight goes on me and seeing such a big difference in myself. I'm completely on board for this and never going back to my old body. I'm forever a fat girl now no more skinny Nadya ever again. Only fatter from here out.

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