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Request: I've noticed you seem to enjoy talking about being unhealthy. If you're willing, would you mind doing a video where you discuss your heart health in more detail? What do you think all the sugar and grease you eat is doing to your heart? What long-term effects are you expecting? This is the guideline I followed for this video :) I talk about my blood work, fitness, health, my eating habits, longterm effects, etc. I do these types of videos when they're requested! I wear a gray tank top and comfy pants that I rip in the video lol. My thighs have outgrown everything I wore these last summer but getting them on was a struggle and they busted at the seams. I'm excited to keep going on my journey. I still consider myself relatively small I'm gaining so fast I just want to have a giant mountain of belly. So I will keep going until I'm big enough for my liking. Which I'm guessing won't be anytime soon I cannot wait to hit new gaining milestones and so on. I'm so obsessed with gaining weight and getting fatter. Every pound is that much closer to my goal. Turns me on so much to know what I'm doing to myself.

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