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I haven't done a messy stuffing in an extremely long time. And cake is one of my favorite things to devour like a slob. I didn't even bother with a fork I starting digging right into it with my hands. Stuffing my mouth full of cake over and over and over until the cakes completely gone. I'm surprised by how fast I was able to cram in every last crumb in my belly. So greedy. No cuts in the video either. I also go over the calories and explain how all that cake inside of me makes me feel. I love getting faster with my stuffings. I adore consuming as many calories as I can in the shortest amount of time possible. Bite after bite I made it extra challenging for myself by not even having a drink so I was purely consuming/getting full off of calories. The cake gets all over my face, chest, shirt, belly, etc I don't get messy often so when I do I go all out. My face is getting so fat I look like a different person and it turns me on so much. I'm blowing up and I have no plans to slow down. Help keep me well fed please xx

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