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Since my favorite game released I've been absolutely glued to my Switch playing nonstop. At first I didn't even eat while I played! Unreal right? Now that I've settled into the game all I want to do is eat and play. For this video I chug a gainer shake, eat fried rice and potato chips. Mind you I filmed this at 11 am. I'm wearing my typical comfy loungewear (slippers included) I've played this video game for more than 100 hours in the past two weeks so I film myself showing you around my whole island. This isn't something I would have thought about filming on my own but it was a fun request and I aim to please hahahaha. This is true "Nadya Form" I'm munching on snacks, playing video games and overall just being a fatty. It blows my mind how I used to go to music festivals, clubs, concerts, bars, etc every weekend (see before gaining set for all those photos) and now I like to sit home and eat for fun. Complete lifestyle change. I talk to the camera like I'm talking to a friend this video shows my everyday personality. Kinda cool to be able to show that side of me! Again, this was a request but I know you guys really did like my last "gamer girl" video (also a request lol) so for this video I ate a lot more and you can also see the game this time as opposed to the last video that just showed me playing my PC. I outgrew the jeans from the last video so pj pants are a comfy change! I appreciate that you guys enjoy seeing this side of me :)

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