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Spring is here and in the warmer months I love to wear tight dresses! Even though this was a habit I started when I was super skinny I am happier now to be wearing dresses because they show off my gut so well. In my tight dresses I look like theres an inflated ball in my tummy! So what better way to start off my day at 10 am than with smirnoff ice and noodles. I get the noodles specifically used by sumo wrestlers to achieve their massive bellies. I walk around talking while chugging and stuffing. I lift up my dress and you can see my swollen tummy and tits. I love how my stretch marks are rising higher and higher like the number on the scale ;) stuffing my face all day like a fatty. Starting as early as possible. Now that it's getting warm the less clothes I have to wear. My bundled up fat body is about to shock a lot of people!! My belly is so round I look pregnant but my fat face, arms, legs, etc confirm that I'm a big girl not 6 months pregnant. I love warm weather and I still plan on wearing a two piece on the beach! I finish up the video with hopping in the shower quickly. Thank you for the support this is by far the craziest year in history for my gains I want to keep going FAST!

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