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Come watch this dirty piggy get clean. It's been over six months since I've done a shower video and I've gained so much weight since the last one! My belly sticks out so much farther, my arms are starting to gain some weight, my face is huge, etc I've definitely porked up since the last video. Every time I step in this shower it gets tighter and tighter it must be shrinking ;) I hop in and do a lot of belly play. My favorite part was rubbing all the white creamy shower gel on my gut, in my rolls and in my belly button. I have so much fat to play with and wash so my showers are longer the fatter I get! When it's time to wash my breasts I remove my bathing suit top and rub them all in the camera. I love massaging my breasts I never do it much on video so I did it super thoroughly during this one. The steam fogs up the room and looks soooo fucking sexy! The last minute looks like I'm a sexy fat goddess surrounded in fog. This is my new favorite shower video I've made. Maybe it's because I'm fatter than ever? You be the judge.

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