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Today I was admiring myself in the mirror and truly realized how much I've gained recently. I've put on a significant amount of weight over the past few months and everyone has noticed. I look like an entirely different person now I'm massive. At first I was a skinny girl with a potbelly, then I started looking pregnant, then just chubby that was cute and all but my goal is to be an SSBBW so I never give myself days off. Everything revolves around my belly. I love getting teased and humiliated over what a fat fuck I am. It's out of control. Constantly outgrowing clothes, being questioned by my family and friends, etc I can't stop! In this video I talk about how much I adore being a big fatty. I sit down and share new recent stories about my gaining and embarrassing things that have occurred since I've really started packing on the pounds. I narrowed it down to the hottest moments I've had lately that really have made me realize what I pig I am. I can never turn back. I hope you enjoy these stories as much as I enjoyed experiencing them.

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