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I've destroyed my body. I used to be a skinny fit 115 pound cheerleader and now look at me. I'm so fucking fat and I'm addicted to gaining. I used to go to cheer practice 5 days a week, gymnastics on the weekends and the gym daily. Now I can't even do a single push up. I let myself get so out of shape. I start off with some jumping jacks. I haven't done a workout since the summer and I'm stunned over my jiggly gut. Every time I jump up my belly jiggles like jello. You can see my belly going up and down and its one of the sexiest things I've ever seen on myself. I do my old cheerleading jump routine and it's a total disaster. I also did some wall sits, stretches, etc I can't even stretch properly because my belly is in the way. The second half of the video is me on the ground trying to do more stretches, push ups, mountain climbers, sit ups, hip thrusts and more. I attempt to do a bridge (a gymnastic move) and my belly sticks up so high you have to see it. I'm a big ball of fat now. Every single exercise and stretch I attempted I couldn't do. This video is so sexy. I'm out of control. Skinny Nadya used to exercise for hours big fat Nadya can't even do one sit up. By the end of the video I was so out of breath it also doesn't help that I made sure to do this video on a belly full of soda ;) I also bought some new equipment so the video quality is crystal clear!!

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