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I've finally completely outgrown my olive green dress. Its basically impossible to squeeze on anyone. Its a massive struggle (literally) to even get it to fit over my big fat belly. I've done a lot of outgrown videos but since this dress is one of everyones favorite I wanted to make a video completely dedicated to it before we have to part ways. You can hear all the ripping and tearing from me trying to force it on. Its a challenge to even get the sleeves over my arms! This dress has been with me for so long and finally the day I never dreamed of happening came true. Its outgrown!! Maybe I'll film in it a year from now or so but for now I have to retire it, it physically hurts when its on lol! So lets enjoy this one last hoorah in the olive dress together. Thank you for also being like my olive dress and enjoying this journey with me as well <3 next stop 400 pounds!!

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