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Out of all my videos my burps seem to always be the most shocking to people. If you love burps you know I never fail to disappoint. I love to burp. Something about getting all dressed up and letting out massive deep burps just makes me so horny. I love being a gluttonous monster. This video is all burping. One deep one after the next. I barely even stopped to take a breath the only time I did breathe is when I was practically gasping for air quickly then I immediately go right back to burping. My super tight skirt shows off my massive gut and you can see the "shelf" aka the upper belly I adore forming more and more under my bra which makes my belly look like one big round ball. I love how intense my burps get if you're like me and burping turns you on you will love this. Usually my burping videos are pretty long but I made this one shorter so I could aim for having the loudest, greediest and deepest burps all one after the next and I must say, I think I went above and beyond in fulfilling that goal. Let me know what you think.

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