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Wouldn't it be fun to have a night with Nadya? This is a playful video talking about a night with me. I love sleepovers! Even as a kid slumber parties were my absolute favorite! So for this video I put on my cute nightgown, matching slippers and my hair is in pigtails. Of course I have to have my stuffed animal with me too. I talk about all the snacks I want. What movies I'd like to watch. All the stuffings I'd do and so on. I would love to have a feedist related sleepover that consists of force feedings between tv shows, trips to a drive thru in our jammies for multiple fast food stuffings, homemade desserts, etc. Overall in this video I share a bunch of those fantasies I wish to be fulfilled. So what do you think? Do you want to come sleepover? I think we would have a great time. On one condition: you keep me absolutely stuffed the whole time ;)

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