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Who doesn't want a big fat wife? I think you'll have an amazing time being married to my fat ass. You'd like making me funnel a morning heavy cream shake before you leave for work. Getting sexy pictures of my belly throughout the day. Coming home to a bunch of empty wrappers, containers of boost, etc. How about picking me up a bunch of burgers from Burger King on your way home? I'll spend all day cleaning the house in exchange for a big fattening fast food stuffing when you get home. And then every night you can admire how big you're making me. Sounds like a dream right? This video has some sexy fantasies I talk about how skinny I used to be, how much weight I've been on and all the wife fantasies I can think of. I'm such a fat whale now I'd love to have my husband admire my growing body every night. As your wife I'll always eat every last bite ;) thank you for this fun roleplay request! I really had a good time coming up with a bunch of hot fantasies to talk about give it a watch to hear some sexy things being said right to ya I don't want to spoil it too much ;)

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