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It's been a while since I've done an inflation video. For this one I went overboard. I show off the aftermath and how massive I've really become. I look massive. I went crazy with it but the results are so satisfying. I hold it all my burps to keep the air in. I jiggle my belly and you can see how full I am it barley moves! I also pat it and it literally looks like a balloon filled tight with air. I love playing with my big fat inflated belly. My stretch marks are bright red brighter than ever I'm being stretched way pasted my limits. Inflation is so sexy and so much fun I love seeing what it does to my body. My gut is filled with sooooo much air I look like someone pumped me up for hours. Even my hips look like they're bulging out. Its so crazy to look at i'm seriously shocked I really can't do this much air ever again I'm so round it's borderline dangerous!! So enjoy this one it's going to be my last inflation video for a while I went soooo hog wild I keep talking about all the pain I'm in. But my goodness it did make for a flawless video.

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