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This is my favorite weigh in video yet! I'm so shocked with how much weight I've gained since the last weigh in (01/04/2020) its been exactly one month and I'm very serious about my 2020 weight gain goals so I did not fail to disappoint. I begin the video with talking about my gaining tips and tricks, what I use as motivation, how obsessed I am with fat, etc it was overall a very hot intro if I do say so myself. I also feast on bag after bag of chips. I started off the belly with an empty belly just to show off how big it looks now even while empty. After I binge on the chips I show off my bloated tummy and then jump into the measurements. I do a detailed measurement of my tits, arms, gut, ass, thighs, calves etc I even measure my double chin for the thrill of it since it's been growing so much lately (like the rest of me) after that I do a weigh in. I show the pasted weigh ins from the summer-now and you can see how fast I've been gaining its so out of control. The weigh in is fantastic. It's my first time seeing my weight since Januarys weigh in and it's better than I could have anticipated. I'm such a good piggy tracking my progress for you so detailed. All I think about is growing my belly and how round its going to look when I'm an SSBBW. So please help me keep going I'm fully dedicated and committed to this lifestyle its pure pleasure I'm always learning new tips and tricks to get this belly as big as possible as fast as I can. Lets continue 2020 as my best year yet! I'm going to film my next weigh in sometime in the Spring :)

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