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The dress has been back and it's looking better than ever on me. I look huge!! I'm so happy with my growing belly I can't wait to burst out of this outfit. I celebrate by stuffing my face with buttery croissants and a chocolate protein shake. I stand up and suck my belly in and out you can tell how much rounder I look my belly looks like an exercise ball is stuffed inside of it. Ironically though I do absolutely no exercise as you can tell. I talk about how much weight I've gained and how I'm so excited to keep going. I can't wait until I explode out of this dress. I'm on a mission to keep going and going I feel so confident in tight dresses and having my belly be what sticks out the farthest. It turns me on sooo much. I do a lot of modeling in this dress and I know a video dedicated to this dress has been long awaited! I make sure to really show off my new full figure in this dress. Cheers to gaining over double my original weight of 115 pounds and cheers to the next milestone. I can't wait to make this the best year ever my gaining has started off faster than ever this New Year. I have to keep going!!

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