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This was such an interesting request! A video dedicated to slapping my big fat belly. Upon first glance it seemed as though it might be hard to execute. But I promise you I think this is one of my most creative videos to date! I wore an extremely tight white shirt with red shorts and began slapping my belly with the shirt stretched over my gut. The shirt looks so tight on me my belly is outlined perfectly. It started lifting up so I went up close to the camera to show off my stretch marks as I slapped my bare belly. You get to see how bright, red, and deep my stretch marks are up close. I did fast slaps, hard slaps, soft slaps, etc and I was instantly addicted to the ripple effect it had over my belly and the noise it made. I never realized this was so fun but since I've grown a big belly it really shows off of fat I've grown. I do gentle shakes while slapping and it's unbelievably sexy how much even that makes my belly jiggles around. I went from a skinny flat belly to a big drum tummy! I've never done a video like this before and it was really fun to see how much this growing tummy is really capable of.

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