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I want to get so fucking fat. Everyday I shovel as much food as I can into my belly and make sure I'm always filled to the brim. I can't stop but I think a feeder would kick it up a notch for me. I need someone to strap me onto the bed and funnel me shakes all day. Or to make sure I'm always eating meal after meal ready to burst. I push my belly in and out begging you to feed me. I lay down pushing my belly out to the max while teasing you more. What would be your favorite thing to feed me? Do you want me to pop? Would you be okay with hooking me up to a feeding machine and watching it fill me for hours? Can we buy a trough so you can eat me eat like a true pig? So many fun ideas I think its time to kick it up a notch and have someone dedicate themselves to growing me massive. Thank you for the fun requests I am super backed up right now I should be all caught up by the end of the month thanks for the patience I love putting equal care and creativity into all my requests feel free to send a dm and discuss any ideas!

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