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My fat belly is growing bigger and bigger everyday. My cheer team used to point to my tummy and laugh but it just got too big for them to handle. I think they're jealous that every time we do a routine the whole room stares at my massive gut. All the stretch marks, the way it jiggles each time I jump and how out of breath I get after each performance. I can't keep up with all the skinny girls when I cheer and instead of bringing water to practice I bring soda. One big burping cheerleader I think they're tempted to join me. Maybe I can make a team of bbw cheerleaders. Our routines would consists of force feeding each other with a giant crowd watching. In this video I go through all the sexy possibilities I know you'll love hearing all the stories in detail. Now that I'm not cheerleading I have more time to lay in bed and stuff my face. I love dedicating my life to being one big fat pig. Every new stretch mark I get motivates me to keep going and I'm not going to stop until I burst. Lets keep enjoying this journey <3

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