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Happy 2020 I'm kicking off the new year with a weigh in video so I can make this year all about my gaining!! In this video I discuss my plans for 2020, how I'm going to gain more weight, my blood work results, my health, etc. I go into depth about how I feel and whats to come in 2020. What a year 2019 has been but with the amount of weight I've been piling on 2020 will be remarkable. I totally started off the year strong all I want to do is stuff my face 24/7. I'm obsessed with seeing the number on the scale get higher and i'm so happy because this weigh is pretty impressive. My last weigh in was November 9th so in that time I celebrated Thanksgiving, my birthday, Christmas and New Years which consisted of a lot of eating and drinking. The results certainly show that my belly has been stuffed to the brim nonstop over these two months. I end the video with showing my pasted 3 weigh ins and my current weight. Its a rush of adrenaline stepping on the scale and seeing my weight with you. I never cheat its so hard not to check my weight but I find doing a live weigh in gets me the most motivated to completely gorge myself to impress myself when I waddle onto the scale. Cheers to making 2020 my year :)

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