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Due to high demand the green dress is back! As you can tell it barely fits anymore it's so tight it's hard to even move. It looks like I swallowed an exercise ball I look bigger than ever. I wanted to bring it back in a really fun way so I got creative for this one. I filmed a fun video of making a pizza. Pizza party of one! I did a lot of chatting and moving so you can see my belly jiggling, my back fat, how tight my thong even is, etc. I love how I look in this dress now and you will too. I was really bubbly in this video I was so happy to be filming something so fun. I've done a similar styled video with a cake and you guys really liked this video style. After I'm finished the second part of the video is me gorging myself on this pizza and drinking a bunch of water. So on top of a pizza belly it gets nice and sloshy from all the water. I am so proud of myself for gaining so much weight in 2019 especially in the summer when I kicked it into overdrive and been nonstop gaining since. See you all in 2020 thank you for all the support this year I can't believe how fast I've been gaining I'm determined to make 2020 the best year yet. Happy New Years xo

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