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I love filming videos like this the fatter I get! It's always so satisfying to see what the progress I've made the more weight I put on. For this request I collected 25 different items ranging from candies, coins, pens, caps, small objects, corks, etc to get an update on what I'm able to fit inside my belly button. I fit multiple things in at once, count how many objects I can fit in, see how deep things go and so on I was extremely detailed in this video which made for a lot of fun. Its filmed at an up close crisp view of my belly so you can get a clear show of everything I'm doing to my belly button. I've never filmed a belly button video so in depth and I absolutely loved watching it back admiring all the details. By the end of the video my belly button gets very red and sore so I soothe it by rubbing lots of baby oil in/around it while also rubbing some on my stretch marks too. It was a lot of fun and I for sure have come a long way but I'm ecstatic just thinking of all the weight i'm going to put on in the New Year. Enjoy a belly button update I love doing these every time I gain a significant amount of weight. I hope you join me on my 2020 journey if it's anything like 2019 except me to get EXTREMELY obese :)

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