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I stuffed my belly all day! It was fun to get as bloated as possible for dessert and see how far down my belly was able to hang down while on all fours. I made a big chocolate cake and couldn't wait to dig in. I look so fucking fat in this video its insane. I can't believe how fast I've been gaining and when i'm an all fours it shows off how big my thighs/arms have been growing too. I dig in super fast eating as fast as I can. I finish about 3/4's of it but then I got really sick. I ate way too much food prior to the cake, you guys know I struggle a lot with sweets and eating on all fours is difficult in general. So I end up gagging a lot lmfao. Like a lot. Holding my mouth, my belly jiggling intensely from each gag, my eyes watering, etc the whole shebang lol. I keep trying to go back on all fours but I just end up gagging more. I've never gagged like this on camera before I really pushed myself too far so I sit up and I'm able to eat a bit more but I had to end the video so I could lay down and rest I really had to make an effort to hold everything down. If you're into intense/extreme stuffings this is 100% up your alley I've never pushed myself this much before I had such a stuffing belly I was playing with fire. This is one of those blue moon videos so hey enjoy! :P

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