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I noticed a bunch of new stretch marks on my upper torso so I figured it would be the perfect time to film an update video on how big my belly has grown! I have been growing so much lately and it makes me so happy. I have stretch marks from my calves up to my tits it's mind blowing. But these new stretch marks are just so damn cute!! It shows off how big my upper belly is growing too. I love the "shelf" look of my belly sticking out way farther than my tits. It's like I'm permanently pregnant. In this video I admire my new fat by lathering my body up with oil and lotion. My belly looks so cute and shiny I can't stop playing with my fat. I jiggle my belly up and down over and over, play with my belly button, rub my growing breasts, shake my ass, grab my new rolls, etc it's nice to have such an intimate experience with my body for you guys. I just love all the fat on my body and I'm addicted to growing more and more of it. This video is extremely sexy I get so turned on playing with my body. I really wish I had a loyal feeder who would value what we have :) I'm experimenting with quality and lights I think this video came out super crisp/with great lights let me know what you think please!

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