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I've never filmed a belly drop video before! I love the new things I'm able to do now that my belly has grown fatter. I chug a mixture of heavy cream/milk/boost beforehand so my belly is big and bloated for the video. I film myself dropping my belly onto the counter and then go to another counter. I chug a glass of the heavy cream/milk/boost mixture as fast as I can on camera before doing the second drop. All the dairy gave me an upset tummy but man was I bloated as can be. I'm addicted to the noise my belly makes when it hits the counter. You'll be able to hear it too, it just reminds me that not only is my belly getting big but it's also getting heavy as well. I'm in a bra that squeezes all my fat and my fupa/ass hangs out of my size XL underwear. I'm getting to be a big girl and I'm on a mission to keep going. Speaking of that, I also share a fun gaining story. It involves outgrowing a certain item ;) I look so fat new stretch marks are always appearing and my belly sticks out so far now. It blew my mind to see my belly hanging so much over the counter and feel that contrast. I love growing bigger and being able to try new things like this that would have been impossible for my old 115 pound body to do.

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