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Its been over a year and I thought I was safe. But the witches came back with a vengeance. They were extremely evil this time and made it impossible for me to stop eating. I tell you all about how they fed me for days, all the different food they forced into my belly, how I feel like bursting, etc. I feel so full but I can't stop stuffing my face. They torture me for days their goal is to either eat me or watch me explode. I'm painfully full and in so much discomfort but food is just too irresistible to me. I show off my stuffed belly in my sexy tight outfit and also show off my ass a lot. I love how much it jiggles now when I spank it. I'm a massive butterball in this video you can see the strings in my lingerie are stretched to the max. In the second part of the video I proudly show off a sheet of brownies I've been eating. I go into detail how I carefully select my ingredients to make them as fattening as possible. I finish off the brownies for you I already have a belly stuffed beyond limits so you can see how uncomfortable cramming the last brownie in my tummy is for me. I do some belly rubbing but nothing provides relief. I have to end the video after I finish the brownies to get more food, I can't let the witches down or else.

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