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Time for a monthly weigh in! I first start off the video by eating ice cream/ice cream waffles sandwiches while also drinking heavy cream. I stuffed my belly all day so this was the stuffing that pushed me over the edge and made me feel like exploding. I let out my well-loved heavy cream burps and then the second part of the video begins. I try on five different pairs of underwear. They vary from size, color, style etc. It was hard to bend over to even get them on because I was so full. I also lift my dress/bra plenty of times so you can see me completely topless. It blows my mind that I look down and can't see my underwear/toes because my belly is starting to stick out so far. The last part of the video is my weigh in. I give a "disclaimer" that I feel like I haven't gained TOO much this month but I was extremely wrong hahaha. The last time I weighed myself was last months weigh in and the results are the most intense I've had yet. I'm really surprised how many pounds I gained this month. I got over the "hump" and it seems like the weight is just started to pile on at this point. The last part also includes by last few weigh ins too so you can see the timeline of how much I'm growing. I can't wait to see what the scale entails after thanksgiving/my birthday/christmas!!

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