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I tried out a new wine and really liked it! So I decided to buy it again and film myself chugging straight from the bottle. Off camera I ate some snack, watched some tv and started chugging. Then for the last quarter of the bottle while I already started feeling pretty tipsy I came on camera to finish it off and start acting silly. I start talking about all my favorite foods, what I get from fast food restaurants, how I make food more fattening and some of my feederism fantasies. For some reason when I drink I always get really horny (especially when my belly is hanging out and I'm rubbing it haha) so I pause the video and come back with chips since eating makes me horny too. Overall me just being a turned on sloppy mess. I film from the side zoomed in and then regular so you can see my big fat belly sticking out full of wine. I like the sloshy feeling of alcohol in my belly so I really enjoy this with you guys. Usually beer is my drink of choice so it's interesting to see how my wine drunk is a bit different than my beer drunk or vodka drunk behavior. Sometimes its fun to fill my big thirsty belly with drinks and become a drunk bloated mess.

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