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So, something I haven't done yet is dance on camera! I'm timid in that department (surprising I know) so I tend to pass on those requests but I had some liquid courage this time! I made sure to get decently buzzed and post some snippets of me shaking my ass. I dance to my favorite music and do a lot of booty shaking!! It did feel sexy and the fatter I get the more confidence I get to do bold things like this. I wore a sundress because I love the way my ass looks in a sundress in general. I'm surprised I did this and It'll definitely be a once in a while treat for you guys. When I reach 350+ pounds maybe I can refilm this in a thong ;) the faster I gain the faster I can make it happen! I act a bit goofy when I'm tipsy so I was a bit silly during the video. Overall its me letting a bit loose and dancing in a way I never have on camera. Enjoy!! xoxoxo

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