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Trick or treat! Its Halloween night and you decide to go trick or treating with some friends. You're munching on candy all night and your belly is feeling pretty full. Your night is about to take a turn. You show up at my doorstep and I great you with a giant bowl of all your favorite candy. I invite you in, you have some drinks and start eating from my delicious caldron full of sweets. You can't stop and it feels like you're under my spell. You're stuffed to the max, you can't even fit an m&m into your belly anymore. You get sleepy and figure it's due to a massive food coma. When you awaken you're in for a surprise. Now it's time for me to have my fun. You're all plumped up full of candy so you'll taste extra sweet for me. In the video i go into all the vore details of what takes place next. The second half of the video is me topless with you struggling to escape my belly. I talk all about how you feel in my belly. Halloween is my favorite holiday because everyone always tastes so delicious. I haven't filmed a vore request in a while and I love getting as creative as I can with them.

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