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Yikes, my fat ass is completely wasted in this video. I'm mortified over how much of a slob I look like I debated if I was going to even post this. But a belly full of beer means some massive beer burps! I'm being serious when I say this video is burp after burp no breaks or stopping. My belly was full of beer I usually don't drink much and only intended in having one or two beers. But I loved the bubbles in my gut and how deep my burps were getting so I finished a six pack in a really short amount of time. I was pretty buzzed but I had a bit of vodka that I decided to polish off too. Bad idea, I got so drunk but I had a blast filming the aftermath. I lay back with my belly resting in between my legs drunkenly rubbing my swollen tummy. I have no filter when I'm drunk so of course I said some silly things but there wasn't much talking because all I could do is burp helplessly. Way too much beer sloshing around in my gut. I go for beer with high alcohol content because that means higher calories. I could feel my belly bubbling when I rubbed it and it really turned me on. I played with my tits a bit I really was just in the mood to burp and admire my swollen body. I rubbed oil all over my body and it looked messy it got all over including on my thong. Come play.

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