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The end of summer is here and it's time to enjoy the fruits of my labor. My last weigh in was at the beginning of summer, as you can see I blew up gaining at a faster speed than ever. I plan to keep this momentum and get fucking massive by the New Year. I start off the video recapping my summer and how it felt to be such a hog during the hot months. All the embarrassing stories, how I felt on the beach, reactions to my growing belly, my secrets to gaining so fast, my plans to keep going etc which really sets the mood for the measurements. I was already turned on knowing how much fat I put on my once small figure so the measurements really took me to a place of ecstasy. I stand up to do my measurements. The tape measure didn't even fit around my fat belly, thighs and tits. I measure my whole body for the first time in a while so I'm more than pleased with my results from this summer. The end of the video shows a clip from the weigh in at the beginning of summer and then shows a current weigh in of how much I weigh at the moment. You can see how much weigh I've packed on in a short amount of time. Although my fresh stretch marks make that pretty clear. I'm becoming a bigger slob everyday all I want to do is grow this belly until it bursts. I can't wait to blow up this fall and winter lets make it happen the fatter I get the more I want to keep going. So consider this a beginning of fall weigh in, yes I'm planning to grow even FASTER by pushing myself hard. I'm addicted to this lifestyle I will never stop. Keep enjoying the transformation of my body getting more and more fat each time you see me.

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