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This video just focusing on my big fat growing tummy! I've gained so much weight recently so I figured it would be a good time to show off my big belly up close so you can see my summer progress. I have new stretch marks and I'm super round. I play with my belly moaning to the feeling of how fat I'm getting. I jiggle my belly, smack it, suck in then out, etc and finally I lift my top and my big belly plops into my lap. I had to do it twice because it was so fucking hot. My love handles spill out the sides and you can see them covered in stretch marks hanging out of my pants. I then play with my belly button, rub my bare belly, and bounce up and down from different angles. I love bouncing quickly and letting my belly jiggle up and down, reminds me of a certain action if you catch my drift ;) I love belly worship type videos and this gives you a great angle of my growing belly so you can admire every little detail with me. I look so big in this video my belly hangs down between my thighs, I can't wait for it to keep growing soon I won't be able to sit properly because my belly will be in the way. I can't wait for that day so lets make it happen as fast as possible:)

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