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I love to stuff my belly to the point of pain. Why? Because my only relief is burping and it makes me feel like such a fucking pig. I stuffed my face with fast food all day then did a big 5L chug of soda. My belly was bloated to the max. I held in all my burps during the chug to get really bloated for the video. The video starts off with me attempting to touch my toes. At first I thought it would be silly. Of course I could easily touch my toes, I mean I used to do a bunch of gymnastics and was super flexible. Wrong. My fat gut got in the way and made it impossible to bend over. The next scene is me letting out a bunch of burps. It was a beautiful day so I wanted to film outside. Well I didn't take into account that everyone would be outside too. I started off timid but by the time I let out my first big burp I made eye contact with my neighbors. You see my live reaction of being absolutely mortified. But then my greed takes over and that doesn't stop me from getting my relief. I let out bigger burps really not caring if they're watching. I feel like a prized pig on display. I let out one burp after the other there was no break whatsoever so if you like burping there is not a silent moment! People drove by with their windows down and I know they heard me too. I wrap up the video by pressing my belly to the wall. I wanted to see how much it really stuck out and lets just say the soda did it's job. I tried squishing my belly against the wall but it was just so hard and big that I looked like a fatass. Enjoy listening and watching my show ;)

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