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I've never popped buttons before so I tried it for the first time on camera with you guys and I think it went great. I stuffed my belly full of food and heavy cream prior to filming so my belly is round and swollen. By the end of the stuffing my jean shorts can't even stay on anymore. In the video I model how it's physically impossible to button them back on. I chug a giant glass of heavy cream on video just to make sure my belly is big enough to be able to pop the buttons. Heavy cream has so many calories and I drink it so much. You can tell how uncomfortable I am to be chugging since my belly was already so full. I've really improved on my chugging skills its almost scary how fast I'm able to get it all down. I let out some massive burps and then its showtime. I do stretches like touching my toes, bending forward, lunges, etc and the buttons just start flying off. Not only did that happen but the sides of my top start tearing and ripping too. This is the definition of being a fatass, I'm literally busting out of my shirt and shorts. Finally my big belly is fully exposed and I let out some more burps for you. I hope you enjoy my first button popping video if you like it let me know so I can do more in the future it was a lot of fun for me.

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