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This fat pig outdid herself this time! I decided to stuff my fatass all day full of food. I ate everything in sight I couldn't stop. I ate and ate and ate. I was planning to go out at night but after my giant dessert stuffing I knew I wasn't going anywhere. This was pure pain and pleasure. I was all dressed up ready to go out but I physically couldn't after I paralyzed myself with my own gluttony. Watch me moan in pain, I've never been so full before. I lay down to rub my swollen gut and can't even get myself back up. I struggle so hard to sit back up it's actually humiliating. I whimper in pain while trying to hold down all the food in my belly. I burp a bit but honestly it was so painful all I wanted to do is moan and rub my big fat belly. I love how my gluttony is overpowering everything filling my belly 24/7 has become my #1 priority and I won't stop. I talk about how fat I want to get and what a pig I've become. This video really shows you how much I've lost control. All I can think about is having the biggest belly in the world. Please keep supporting and cheering me on I know I've made you very proud this summer but I'm addicted to this lifestyle and I need all the help I can get.

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