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I haven't done an eating challenge in a while so I was extremely motivated to make a crazy one. I got a challenge to eat 5k calories a day for a week so I thought I'd film myself stuffing during the challenge! I cooked a whole tray of chicken nuggets along with homemade sauce. I genuinely did not think I would finish it all but I was extremely determined. The whole time my top keeps rolling up my belly it won't stay over my gut it fits tighter than a bra. I ate as quickly as I can, packing it all into my belly without giving my brain time to process how stuffed I was getting. One after the next completely soaking it in the fattening sauce its like I was under a spell. I needed to finish every last bite no matter how badly it hurt. I took no breaks and after I was finished I immediately regretted eating so much. My belly started making loud noises and you see me trying to hold down puke multiple times. My camera picked up on the loud belly noises so yes you can hear them!!!! :) Which is rare for me!! I'm stuck laying on my back rubbing my belly thats in such agony. Finally my belly starts to settle and I can barely even get up to jiggle it around for you. I let out a lot of burps at the end but sadly they don't provide much relief. I really impressed by how much I ate in this video it always surprises me when my gluttony reaches new levels. Whats next?

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